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On Site Services


General Wellness

By utilizing our services, your company will be able to achieve the following goals with no additional charges being billed against your workers compensation or health insurance.

  • Decrease risk of injury

  • Reduce recordable injury rate

  • Reduce workers compensation cost and claims

  • Reduce lost works days

  • Reduce overall healthcare costs

  • Increase health and wellbeing of all employees

  • Increase safety awareness

  • Improve morale among employees

  • Improve quality of work

  • Increase employee productivity

  • Identify problematic trends

Injury Prevention

By utilizing our injury prevention methods we can make your workplace a healthy and safe environment.


• Onsite Injury Treatment­: Work Related and Non-­Work Related

• Onsite First Aid Treatment

• Onsite Ergonomics Evaluations

• Dynamic Warm Up/Stretch and Flex

• Fitness Programs for Individuals or Entire Department

• Wellness Programs Which Address Weight Loss and More


Lower costs and boost productivity with a proactive workplace ergonomics improvement process.

1. Ergonomics reduces costs.

2. Ergonomics improves productivity.

3. Ergonomics improves quality.

4. Ergonomics improves employee engagement.

5. Ergonomics creates a better safety culture.

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We identify Risk factors and develop solutions for:

  • High Task Repetition

  • Forceful Exertions

  • Repetitive/Sustained Awkward Postures

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Injury Rehabilitation

We not only treat and rehabilitate work related injuries but we also emphasize the treatment and rehabilitation of non­work related injuries. By treating these conditions early we can keep employees safe and at work.


•Hot/Cold Therapy

•Soft Tissue Mobilization


•Electrical Stimulation

•Stretching Techniques

•Paraffin Baths

•Whirlpool Therapy

•Therapeutic Exercise

Employee Education

Educating employees on injury prevention is an important goal of Moore Wellness Systems. By proper education we can help employees stay healthy and prevent workplace injuries.


• Musculoskeletal disorders

• Early signs and symptoms of common conditions

• Early self treatment to prevent chronic conditions

• Proper lifting techniques

• Proper nutrition

• Proper exercise technique

• Environmental health risk

• Customized health related topics

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